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(LESSON 9):-- The Six Enemies Which Ride Millions To Failure Without Being Discovered

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The six enemies which ride millions of men and women to failure without being discovered are listed and enumerated here in numerical order:
1. Intolerance
2. Greed
3. Revenge
4. Egotism
5. Suspicion
6. Jealousy

But before we start, there is need for an introduction of how these enemies degrade mankind. The worst enemy that any man has is the one that walks around under his own self. So, if you could see yourself as others see you, I bet, the enemies which you harbor in your own person might be discovered and be casted away since.

These enemies named above in this essay are the commonest which ride millions of men and women to failure without them discovering it on time. The writer of this article included, that is why you have to weigh yourself carefully and find out how many among the six you are harboring.

From birth until death every human being must give battle to these enemies, and your success will be measured by the way you give your battle to these swift riding enemies.

What makes these enemies more dangerous is because they do not ride openly before men because they could be rounded up and put out of work. They ride unseen in the minds of men so subtly and silently that most men never recognize their presence.

I advise you take inventory of yourself and check how many of these enemies you are harboring and make move to get rid of them on time. Let us examine them one after the other:
(i) INTOLERANCE :=> if you find yourself hating those whose religious viewpoint is quite different from yours; you are being governed by one of the most dangerous enemies of mankind. Intolerance as one of the worst enemies of mankind has killed more people, destroyed more friendships, and brought more misery and war into the world than all of the remaining five enemies.

One will not become an accurate thinker unless you master INTOLERANCE because; this enemy of mankind closes up the mind and pushes reason, logic and FACTS into the background. Next in the list of the greatest enemies of mankind is REVENGE & GREED. These two comes hand-in-hand because they share similar attributes.

(ii) REVENGE & GREED :=> these two have dual relationship because, where one is found the other is always close at hand. It is greed that twists the mind of men that he wants to build a fence around the earth and keep everyone else on the outside of it.

This enemy drives men to accumulate millions of naira and dollars which he does not need and can never use. This is the enemy that causes man to seek for the destruction of his fellow men through the act of devilish spirits (charm).

And REVENGE which ride along side of GREED, makes the unfortunate person who gives brain-room to the cruel twins not satisfied to only take away his fellow men life and his belongings; and he also will want to destroy the reputation of this his fellow man in such a bargain.

To know how deadly ENVY and GREED are, study the history of every man who set-out to become the RULER OF THIS WORLD! To ascertain the force of GREED and REVENGE, check-out individuals and nations whose minds are dominated by GREED and ENVY, their result is rapid decline and instant demolition and backwardness.

To prosper in your career job and talent, take a look at yourself and make sure that these two deadly enemies are not riding in your brain. Now, let us turn our attention to two more twins of destruction known as EGOTISM and SUSPICION.

(iii) EGOTISM & SUSPICION :=> taking a closer look at these two, you will observe that they also, ride side by side. And there is no hope of success for person who suffers from too much self-love (self-centered) or who lacks confidence on where others are.

Remembering facts about faith will make you realize that, if you have no FAITH in other people you lack entirely the seed of success in you. SUSPICION if permitted to get a start rapidly multiplies itself until it leaves no room for FAITH. So, believe in people if you would have them believe in you, try as possible as you can to kill off suspicion because, if you do not it will kill you off.

EGOTISM thrives where SUSPICION exists so, if you would have power; try always to cultivate FAITH in mankind. Learn how to interest yourself in OTHERS and this will keep you too busy to indulge in self-love. To illustrate further, observe those around you who begin every sentence with the personal pronoun “I”, you will notice that they are suspicious of other people.

Take time to study people around you who are both SUSPICIOUS and EGOTISTICAL and you will be marveled on how many of this type you can name who are successful in their career job and talent. Take note to study yourself while studying these people. So as to be sure that you are not bound down by these twin enemies known as EGOTISM and SUSPICION.

(iv) JEALOUSY :=> jealousy you know is a form of insanity. As we all know, facts are sometimes hard to face and it is a fact that jealousy is a form of insanity, which is known to medical practitioners as “dementia praecox.”

Jealousy rides just at the back of SUSPICION. Some will say that JEALOUSY should have ridden side by side with SUSPICION, as man conceives jealousy in his/her mind as a result of being suspicious.

The reason why JEALOUSY is a form of insanity is because; it rides in the mind of both men and women, sometimes with a real cause, more often without any cause whatsoever.
--- Jealousy is a great friend of divorce lawyer.
--- Jealousy keeps detective agencies busy night and day.
--- Jealousy takes its regular toll of murder.
--- Jealousy break-up homes and makes widows of mothers and orphans of innocent little children.

So, peace and happiness can never be yours as long as this rider known as JEALOUSY remains engraved in your brain. I, the writer of this article have seen man and wife who go together in poverty and still be very happy, so far both are free from this insanity known as JEALOUSY. My humble reader, try as possible as you could to examine yourself carefully and if you find any evidence of JEALOUSY in your mind begin now to master it and eliminate it.

This cruel rider rides in many forms such as:
---- I wonder what she does while am away?
---- I wonder if he does not see another woman when he is away from me. Etc.

So, when these kind of questions begin to arise in your brain go to the psychopathic hospital and have yourself examined, because, you may be suffering from a mild form of insanity caused by JEALOUSY. Look at what to do, get your foot on the neck of JEALOUSY and smash it before it gets its clutches on your throat. It can only depreciate an individual, nation, communities etc. rather than elevate them.

See you next time!
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--- Swift: >> (happening or moving quickly within a short time, especially on a smooth and easy way)

--- Subtle: >> (not loud, bright, noticeable or obvious in any way)

--- Intolerance: >> (when you refuse to accept ideas, belief or behaviors that are different from your own)

--- Greed: >> (a very strong to continuously get more of something)

--- Reputation: >> (level of respect or admiration something or somebody receives)

--- Egotism: >> (thinking only about yourself and considering yourself better than others all the time)

--- Insanity: >> (when someone is seriously mentally ill)

--- Dementia praecox: >> (a form of insanity)

--- Psychopathic: >> (the study of mental diseases)


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