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(LESSON 13):-- Poverty, The Richest Experience That Can Come To a Boy.

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How Can One Get Out Of Poverty?
Talking about poverty as the richest experience that can come to a boy has a potential linkage to me in particular because, you could not say that I had no fair share out of it as a little boy.

Coming from the family of middle class parents (civil servants) in a country such as Nigeria which failed to recognize the devoted efforts of her citizens, I had rough time dealing with this fear called poverty.

Father having no shelter, finding himself in a one room apartment with a small veranda which he uses as his own bed-room while we five children sleeps with mama in a room. Due to congestion in that one room, we always find it difficult perceiving natural air and worst still, instead of enjoying our sleep like most kids supposed at that period of time, you will find us sweating profusely like pigs which lacked water in their pens.

In order to curtail the suffering we do undergo in such a small room, Papa devised a means that we should be sleeping at the edge of the corridor which is a passage for everybody living in the House.

I and my brother were apportioned to this position and anytime tenants pass the passage we instantly became their foot mat. The daughter of the landlord devised this as an opportunity to match on us each and every night.

Well, the reason for this my little excerpt is to inform you and bring to your understanding that, this writer as a boy have had fair share of ugly experiences brought about by poverty. But, one constant thing Papa always sought for is never to stay stagnant with this condition but to find a way to get out of it.

May be, this might be an experience you know not of! Yet I rejoice in the experience now, I mean! I envy every boy who is in that condition and is going through it.

Here is my strong position of believing in poverty as an undisguised blessing to a boy:--
_____ I so much believe in poverty as a condition to experience, to go through, and then to get out of: not as a condition to stay in. (just like my Papa did to extreme poverty), that all well stated right! Some will argue as following with me saying; “easy enough to make such statement, but how can one get out of it (poverty)?”

Here comes my genuine answer to that your question above as an experienced child of poverty school and as a researcher too who have read some books written by experienced Authors who was once in such condition.

Well, no one can definitely tell another one that. No one told me, and I knew no one told my Papa before he did so as little as he could.

So bear this in mind; no two persons can find the same way out. Each must find his way for himself. That depends on the boy whom experience out of poverty is teaching a whole lot of lessons.

I was determined to get out of extreme poverty because my Papa and Mama had same zeal, and all of us could not withstand the effect and did not belong in it. This I think gave us the first essential: a purpose. Then, the purpose was backed with effort and willingness to work and to work at anything that come our way, no matter what it was, so long as it creates the way out.

Listen attentively; I did not pick and choose; I took what come and did it in the best way I know how. Even when you do not like what you are doing, do it well while doing it, but see to it that you did not do it any longer than you had to do it.

Use every rung in the ladder as rung to the one above (i.e. from being a brick layer, which is a hard work with little pay, you can make little money from it and use it to sponsor yourself learning any other building skills like tiles laying.)

It meant effort my brother, so, out of the effort and work came the experience; the up-building, the development; the capacity to understand and sympathize; which is the greatest heritage that can come to a boy.

And, there is nothing in the world that can give such to a boy, so that it will burn into him, as poverty will. These are reasons of believing so strongly in poverty, as the greatest blessing in the way of the deepest and fullest experience that can come to a boy.

But remember this every time; poverty should always be a condition to work out of, not to stay in.

See you next time!
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--- Potential :>>>( possible when the necessary conditions exist. Someone or something and the ability it has to develop)

--- Linkage :>>>( the existence or formation of connections between two things so that one thing happening or changing depends on the other thing happening or changing)

--- middle class :>>>( average, not high or low)

--- Congestion :>>>(cluster, things coming together and increasing in number that little space exist between them)

--- Profusely :>>>( an extreme large amount of something)

--- curtail :>>>( to stop something before it is finished, or to reduce or limit something)

--- devised :>>>( to invent a plan, system, object etc. usually cleverly or using imagination)

--- excerpt :>>>( a short part taken from a speech, book, film etc.)

--- Stagnant :>>>({ of water or air} not flowing or moving, and smelling unpleasant)

--- Undisguised :>>>( describes a feeling that is clearly shown or expressed, when it is usually kept hidden)

--- Extreme :>>>( very large in amount or degree)

--- Zeal :>>>( great enthusiasm or eagerness)

--- rung :>>>( any of the short bars that form the steps of a ladder)

--- Heritage :>>>(features belonging to the culture of a particular society, such as traditions, languages or buildings, which still exist from the past and which has a historical importance)


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