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(LESSON 17):-- The “thought” which does more than gather, organize and combine facts

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Lesson still on ACCURATE THOUGHT:
lesson 16 on accurate thought, we have been discussing the kind of thought I will call “deductive reasoning” (logical) we now come to the kind of accurate thought known as “CREATIVE THOUGHT” (original and unusual ideas), and this Is the point of which some of the students of this course will have to think along line with that, which they are not familiar but, having in mind that the thinking man has been a long time on the road of evolution.

This kind of thought does more than organize, gather and combine facts. And for you to understand the reason why it is called creative thought, I think it is necessary to study briefly the process of evolution through which the thinking man has been created.

The thinking man having traveled a long time on the road of evolution is enough to have us reason along with the words of Judge T. Troward (in Bible mystery and meaning) it was made known to us and I quote:
“Perfected man is apex of the evolutionary pyramid, and this by a necessary sequence.”

With this we have to trace thinking man through the five evolutionary steps in which there is the belief that he traveled and it is as follows:--

(1) Life started in its lowest form, lying motionless and inert. This is called the MINERAL period with no power to move.

(2) Life was in a more active form, with an intelligent that is sufficient enough to gather food, grow and reproduce, yet unable to move and this is called the VEGETABLE PERIOD.

(3) Here we find life in a higher form with ability to move from place to place and this life stage is called the ANIMAL PERIOD.

(4) The thinking man period, life here is found in a higher known form of organized energy, because man can think here. Man know no limits in this realm of thought, he can instantly send his thought to the stars with the quickness of a flash of lightening. Men now possess the ability to gather facts and assemble them into physical reality through the aid of thought. The ability made it possible for man to reason both inductively and deductively.

(5) the infinitude nature of the lower forms of life discussed above was as a result of coming together of the four forms of life which gave rise to the evolutionary life called the SPIRITUAL PERIOD.

This is the stage at which thinking man unfolded, expanded and has grown until he has projected his thinking ability into the level known as INFINITE INTELLIGENCE. Yet, thinking man is just an infant in this fifth period, this is an evidence of how large the thinking brain of a man is because, man has not learn how to appropriate to use this INFINITE INTELLIGENCE known as spirit.

With the exception of few, man are yet to recognize thought as the connecting link which can definitely give him access to the power of INFINITE INTELLIGENCE. Going back to thousands of years ago, we have such exception as: Moses, Solomon, Christ, philosophers like; Plato, Aristotle, Socrates, Confucius and small comparative number of them.

Yet, the truth is as available now as it was then even though, we have had many who partly uncovered this great truth. The reason most men were unable to uncover this truth is because; one must work very hard on “FAITH” in order to make use of “creative thought.”

And it is common in this our current world seeing that most ignorant of the race can only think in terms of deductive reasoning (Logical), which is only in connection with matters of a pure physical and material nature, but going a step higher to think in terms of INFINITE INTELLIGENCE becomes a nightmare.

The average man among this kind of men is at confusion the moment he is beyond that which he can comprehend with the help of these five physical senses of seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling and testing.

Not knowing that, INFINITE INTELLIGENCE work through none of these physical agencies stated above and it is very impossible to invoke its aid through any of the agencies stated above.

Then the appropriate question now should be; how can one appropriate the power of INFINITE INTELLIGENCE? And this being a naturally asked question, arriving to the answer one could be expecting much while the real answer is of three words and it is: “through creative thought.”

The exact manner in which this creative thought is done could be made clear by calling our attention to some course through which there was enough preparation for you in order to be able to understand the meaning of “creative thought”

Starting from the first lesson and to some extent in every other lessons that followed this one, you have observed the constant introduction of the term “Auto-suggestion.: (known as the suggestions made to yourself by you) and somehow, we are back to that term again, this is because, Auto-suggestion is the linking line, through which you can register in your sub-conscious mind a description of that which you wish to create or acquire in the physical world.

The good thing is that this process can easily be learned, I mean, it is a process you can easily learn how to make use of. Remember, “Infinite intelligence” can be invoked only through the medium of the sub-conscious mind, and this can be achieved by giving the sub-conscious mind instructions as to what you want.

This is why the “sub-conscious” is the intermediary between the conscious thinking mind and the infinite intelligence. Psychological reasoning as “chief definite aim” as we treated in lesson one becomes so familiar with the description above.

So, if you have not already seen the importance of creating a definite chief aim “desire” as the sole object of your life work, you need be in a haste doing so before you can be able to master thoroughly this lesson.

There is one outstanding characteristic which sub-conscious mind has that I will direct your attention to; and this is,
“Sub-conscious mind has the ability to record the suggestion which you send it through “Auto-suggestion” and will invoke the aid of “infinite intelligence” in the process of translating these suggestions into their natural physical reality, and this is done through natural means which do not in any way come out of the ordinary.”

Still yet, there is another outstanding characteristic of sub-conscious mind and this is: the ability to accept and act upon all suggestions that reach it, whether constructive or destructive, and it does not matter whether they are from the outside or from your own conscious mind.

You have seen how essential it is for you to observe the law of evidence and follow the principles laid down on this lesson on accurate thought in the selection of what you will pass on to your sub-conscious mind through Auto-suggestion.

This is why you should search diligently for facts, and why you cannot afford to listen to slanderers and the scandalmongers because, to do so is like feeding the sub-conscious mind with such a poisonous and ruinous food to creative thinking.

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