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(LESSON 2):-- How To Build Self-Confidence In Your Career Job & Talent

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(How to build self-confidence and eliminate this enemy called; FEAR)
SKEPTICISM (having doubt that a statement is true, which other people might believe in) is the deadly enemy of progress and self-development.

If you are to approach this lesson with the feeling that it was the work of some long-haired theorist who never tested the principles at least to a certain level upon which this lesson is based, you might as well logout this site because, this is no age for skeptic, rather an age in which we have seen more of the law of nature uncovered and harnessed than have discovered in all past history of human race.

Let me say that we are proud as human to have found out enough about the human mind to know that a man may throw off the effects of accumulated “FEAR” through the aid of the principle of “AUTO-SUGGESTION.” (Reminding yourself about your daily routine in order to form it as a habit) Human have already discovered that “fear” is the chief reason for poverty and failure.

So, the development of self-confidence in your talent and career job starts from the elimination of this monster called “FEAR,” we all know how this monster sits upon you as a man right there on your shoulder whispering directly into your ear saying, “you cannot do it ----- can you not hear what the public are saying? You are afraid you will fail because you have no ability”

This world-old enemy of progress “FEAR” is always on the close quarters. The good thing is that, science has with it a deadly weapon with which to put it to a flight, and this lesson on “self-confidence” is present here with this weapon for use in your battle of attaining self-confidence which leads to success after you might have found your talent and career job.

Here come the six basic fears of mankind: remember that, every person falls prey of these six basic fears and, the six basic fears are enumerated and source from which they are believed to have grown from are described too.
1. Fear of being poor
2. Fear of getting old
3. Fear of being criticized
4. Fear of losing loved one
5. Fear of falling ill
6. Fear you could die one day

I want you to study the list and take inventory of your own fear and map-out where they fall on. Every human being who has reached the age of understanding is destined to one or more of these fears. The first step to take in the elimination of these six evils is to examine the source we inherited them from.

Should we say is from SOCIAL HEREDITY? Let us examine that a little bit here.
SOCIAL HEREDITY: ---- It is well known that a child is still with clean mind not until that mind is influenced by social activities. Through the operation of the law of social heredity, anyone who has control over the mind of a child may through intense teaching, plant in the mind of that child whether negative or positive things in such a way that the child accepts it as truth and it becomes a part of the child and forms his personality.

That is to say that: “social heredity” is the big source of inherent of fear. Let us examine thoroughly the origin and nature of these six worst enemies of mankind:

This fear grew out of the inherited tendency of man to prey upon his fellow man economically. All forms of animals prey upon one another bodily, but man, out of his superior sense of intuition, thought and reason, gets more satisfaction in eating his fellow financially instead of bodily.

The fear of poverty has become terrible in the mind of man that, “society” might as well be spelt as (money society) because; it seems inseparable with the sign of money. Man is so eager to possess wealth that he acquires it in whatever manner dimmed necessary. This fear of poverty I testify is a terrible thing.

This is the reason why a man can engage in all manner of violation, robbery, rape to make money and worst still remain a high station in the minds of his fellow men, provided he does retain his wealth.

Poverty to me is a crime, a crime and an unforgivable sin, as it may look like. No wonder me and you fears it! More courage is needed to stay put in your newly gained career and talent, even when the money is not yet coming. Here comes the second of the basic fear in which man is bound:

There are two basic sound reasons for man and his apprehension by this fear of getting old. The one that may be growing out of his fellow men controlling his worldly possession when he is no more, or if not well salaried as is the case these days, secondly, afraid of the terrible picture of the world to come which was engraved in his mind by religious doctrines.

Does it make sense that man after all career jobs and talents chosen, still fear the approach of old age. It is your choice to choose your “burning desire” well. This should step us down to the third enemy of man and the worst fear so far.

To justify the origin of this fear is what man finds difficult to do. Though, there are some beliefs that this fear originated about the time politics came into existence. Others believed different things altogether. Just like the great writer of SUCCESS believed that; this fear should be attributed to that part of man and his inherited nature which pushes him not only to take away the properties of his fellow men, but who equally go ahead to justify his action by “criticizing” this same man.

This fear of criticism is tricky in nature and takes different petty forms. Some forms which seems childish if well examined. Take for example: the short story about bald-headed men, men wear hart not for the safety or the protection it offers. It is because everybody is wearing it, and if not wearing also, could be criticized by others then, here you fall in line lest some other of your friends CRITICIZE you.

Though childish, but we do not know when we fall in line. Of course, there is no reason for fear of being criticized in your career job and talent. So far you have made a progressive process. Stick with it, perseverance is what you need; time will tell your performance. The fourth fear should be;

The most painful fear of all the six basic fears, this fear needs but little description because, everybody is aware of this fear. This originated due to the zeal of man to take up his fellow man mate. Or take a liberty or liberties out of her.

And it seems reasonable that any man who by experience had such fear will testify that this fear plays more havoc in the human mind than any of the six fears. Let me see a man or woman newly divorced or are in marriage discomfort who can still manage the effect from it and concentrate in his career job or talent pursuit.

All should endeavor to seek peace in love affairs in other to protect the permanent insanity (mentally disturbed) this fear could create if care is not taken. The fifth fear is:

This is a part of fear of poverty and old age, these fears tends to lead towards the border-line of “so-called terrible world” which me and you know not but of which we have heard some discomforting stories through religious dogmas.

The person who renders health services noticed the effect of this fear. That is why he keeps ringing into our ear that you needed his services thereby; creating the fear in you that there may be ill-health. Then how can we manage this fear in our career and talent life? Just get a rest when it seems that all bores you. Re-instate your mind and continue latter. The last of the six fears in career and talent life is;

No man knows where we come from at birth or where we go at death. To this I say that anybody claiming otherwise is either deceiving himself or is trying to make it a business to live without rendering services of nature, due to him through play upon the assignment on humanity.

What matters are; have your career and talent value to the development of mankind? because, no one have ever died and come back to say what was his/her observations.

See you next time!
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___ Skepticism :=> (having doubt that a statement is true, which other people might believe in)

___ Theorist :=> (someone who develops ideas about the explanation for events)

___ Principles :=> (the basic and most important reasons for doing or believing something)

___ auto-suggestion :=> (Reminding yourself about your daily routine in order to form it as a habit)

___ Ability :=>( the physical or mental power or skill needed to do something)

___ enumerate :=>( to name things separately, one by one)

___ eliminate :=>( to remove or take away)

___ inherit :=>( to receive something like properties, money from someone, especially when the giver is no more)

___ Social heredity :=>( influence from social lives)

___ Heredity :=>( the process by which characteristics are given by parent to their child through the gene)

___ Tendency :=>( if someone has a tendency to do or like something, they will probably do it or like it)

___ prey :=>( an animal that is hunted and killed for food by another animal)

___ Intuition :=>(knowledge from) an ability to understand or know something immediately without needing to think about it, learn it or discover it by using reason.

___ Apprehension :=>( worry about the future or a fear that something unpleasant is going to happen)

___ havoc :=>( confusion and lack of order, especially causing damage or trouble)

___ Insanity :=>( 1. When someone is seriously mentally ill, 2. When something is not sensible and is likely to have extremely bad result)

___ Dogma :=>( a fixed, especially religious belief or set of beliefs that people are expected to accept without any doubt)

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