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(LESSON 7):--- The Spirit Of Making Money; How Would You Feel If You Get Rich Today?

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Before going further in this particular article, I would like to ask my humble readers this question; what is the essence (importance) of getting endowed with riches?

But before you answer that question, I want to bring to your notice that, the topic of this article occurred to me while I was lonely at the back of my little home in my country side of coal city state contemplating on what I just experienced from the self-acclaimed rich people this festive season.

Anyway, on our lessons last year (2018), we treated “ACCURATE THOUGHT” if you could remember. We said that, even most of the regarded ELITES are not accurate thinkers. And it takes one the ability to know what to do at a particular occasion, and still maintain that integrity of a man who uses this thing called initiative wisely, so that people and the natural right they have to co-exist with you do not get infringed on.

And some of these pusher-tools will tend to make such statement like; what does it matter to care about people? Well, the negative effects of reckless rich behaviors are also felt by the man who acclaims with arrogance that he/she is rich.

If you do not feel the negative effect as a pusher-tool rich man, why do you walk about with guns on your shoulder before your neighborhoods?
Why do you inflate your vehicle tires often those periods? Was it not because the roads are as bad as death traps?

Why did you bring a fat envelop at the burial ceremony of your brother? Whereas he died of hunger, is it not because it takes an accurate thinker to notice that the essence of earthly riches entails spreading out to enliven the environment?

You see, 95% of the people are on the quest to discover their career and or talent but, this desire should not be the case because, many after achieving this fit and becoming what the world called success (because nowadays, success is measured with how fat your bank account is) still channel the result out of this successful career and or talent pursuit in negative ways.

So, what matters now is, were you able to engrave your name on the indelible stones of the history, as one who touched lives and his environment after all these successful career and or talent in life?

Remember this statement; one rich man among the multitude of poor men is equally as poor as the most retched among the poor multitudes. This statement is true. If not true, why does the western world observe this simple natural life? Why do most men over there seem to be accurate thinkers? Why do president of USA walk the street? Why do Zucherberge drive less costly car?

Well, one of the pusher-tool rich cousins took it upon himself to spread series of bullets on neighbor roofs every morning during this festive season. He esteemed himself as Demi-god because, he became controlled by little money accrued to him as an officer of Nigeria.

Mhhh!!, I reasoned this abstract attitude coming from a self-acclaimed officer of the said Nigerian custom services, I started to wonder whether this country train lunatics or culture irresponsibility in our sectors that supposed to be laden with men of accurate thoughts.

As the case may be, the essence of getting rich is to reach your neighbors positively and alleviate sufferings, not to be languishing in lack of initiatives which will engulf you with fear while nothing wrong is happening yet.

So, how would you feel if you are rich today? And if you are rich, how do you feel before your fellow? Well, before now, I used to think that success is measured with the amount of money you accumulated. Still, you do not have to blame me because; the society is enshrined with such belief. Not until recently, I came to understand that a successful fellow is the one with accurate thought.

Accurate thinking gravitate everything you need to be a successful fellow and still maintain that success dutifully before the people. Your integrity matters, not the money you think you possessed. Avoid richness of bigotry and incessant behavior of elusive nature.

Let me leave us with two definite stands to choose from one:--
1. Do you want to be a rich accurate thinker?
2. Or, a pusher-tool rich man?
Well, this should be a food for thought as we go home for today.

See you next time!
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