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(LESSON 13):-- What Do You Think Carries People To The Top Of Their Career And Talent?

Posted By:--issoj
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What do you think carries people to the top? What propel them to take that risk and go extra mile doing whatever it takes to achieve their goals? Do you think is because they believed in their talent or it is their talent alone?

Well, from my own understanding and experience as an entrepreneur for over fourteen years now. Who started with nothing or little resources, I could go ahead to narrate to you that it had not been easy since then.

I have given up severally and came back many times to become what all of us enjoy today. And I could attribute this zeal to one and only encompassing word which is PASSION. Passion is more important than a plan. In fact, a plan without real passion should have not been planned before.

Passion is the creator of fire through the fuel it provides. For people who achieve great fit, as long as the passion is there, it does not matter if they fail. It does not matter how many times they fall down. Whether others are against them or people say they cannot succeed do not matter to them.

These kinds of people keep going up and make the most of whatever talent they possess. These kinds of people I call talent-plus people and never will quit until success is achieved.

Every aspect of your life is energized including your talent with full passion. No individual with great passion have ever lacked the energy to act on what mattered to him or her. I have never seen such a person. This is true because, a person who is passionate with limited talent will out-perform a passive person who possesses great talent.

If am asked why; I will say that passionate people act with boundless enthusiasm and keep on going no matter what! Let us illustrate further with this true experiment in which study of I, 500 people over twenty years where made which shows how passion makes significant difference in your career:

“The group was divided into two, Groups; A & B, 83% of the samples from group A chose to embark on a career for the prospect of making money now and to do what they wanted latter.

The other 17% from Group B chose to do what they wanted in their career now and focus on making money with it latter. At last, the revelation of the data was amazing:

--- At the end of the 20 years, 101 of the 1,500 had become millionaires.
--- in all the millionaires, all except one out of 101 were from group B, that was the group that had chosen to pursue what they loved, their heart desire first before money.

You see, this old saying is well gratified here and it goes to say that: “you should find something you like to do so much that you gladly do it for nothing, and if you learn to do it well, someday, people will be glad to pay you for it.”

So, I do not think there is any substitute to passion when it comes to how this will go a long way to energize your talent. Let us examine the power of passion!

Passion possesses six powers and they are:
(i) It is the first step to achievement (ii) passion increases will-power (iii) it produces energy (iv) this is the foundation to excellence (v) passion is the key to success (vi) it makes person contagious.

Let us go through the various powers of passion one after the other;

1. It Is The First Step To Achievement=>

There is a story by one of the greatest philosophers that ever lived by Name Socrates. One day, a proud and egocentric young man came to the philosopher and with disdainful (dislike) attitude, said, “Great Socrates, I come to you for knowledge.”

Socrates seeing the vain and shallow minded young man for what he was, he led the young man down to the sea into waist-deep water. Then he said, “Tell me once more what do you want.” “Knowledge,” the young man responded with a smile.

Socrates grabbed the young man by his shoulders and pushed him down under the water holding him there for thirty seconds. “Now what do you want?”
“Wisdom, O great Socrates,” the young man sputtered. The philosopher pushed him under once again. When he let him up, he asked again, “what do you want?” “Knowledge, O wise and …... “He managed to spit out before Socrates held him under again, this time even longer.

“What do you want?” the old man asked as he led him up again. The young man coughed and gasped. “Air!” he screamed. “I need air!”
“When you want knowledge as much as you just wanted air, then you will get knowledge, “the old man stated as he returned to the shore.”

As you can understand through this little but great story, the only way you can achieve anything of significance is to dearly want that thing. Passion has the power to provide you with such.

2. Passion Increases Will-Power=>

You cannot ignite others passion by sharing your own. A certain author took it upon himself to tell people what makes him passionate during motivational speaking. But, it all happened that, the people do not truly respond.

So, he noticed this and decided to change his focus. Instead of sharing his passion, he started helping others discover their passion.

But in order to do this, there are three great questions he kept on asking himself:
---- What do you feel touched with at deep level today?
--- What do you cry about?
--- What do you think will bring you fulfillment tomorrow?

Answering these questions will eventually help people discover their true passion in life. Remember, our accomplishment in life is based less on what we want and more on how much we do want it.

3. It Produces Energy=>

According to writer and editor Norman Cousins; “death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside of us while we live.”

So, without passion a part of us is truly dead and without being careful we could end up like this man whose tomb-stone read, “dead at 30. Buried at 60”

Please such should not happen to you at all. Note this; if you possess passion, you quickly become energized and you do not have to produce perseverance by yourself because, you have it in you and it helps you to enjoy the journey and as much as reaching your destination too.

4. This Is The Foundation For Excellence=>

According to Civil Rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. he said and I quote: if a man has not discovered something that he will die for, he is not fit to live.”
Person who find purpose have discovered something to die for and you equally have found passion.
Definitely, when you find passion, it will energize your talent to the extent that you can achieve excellence.

5. Passion Is The Key To Success=>

It takes more than talent to create success. It takes passion. Some people know no impossibilities especially when something fires their souls.

Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote and I quote: “every great and commanding movement in the annals of the world is the triumph of enthusiasm.”

6. It Makes a Person contagious=>

“You cannot kindle a fire in any other heart until it is burning within your own.” ___ Eleanor Doan
I so much believed that as the truth. Using my case as an example, I started inscribing write-ups on the wall and developed passion out of it.

As I grew up, I deviated from what is supposed to be done and was pursuing other things.
Eventually, that passion was what drove me to same inspirational write-ups today which I do in this career conduct section.

I believed so much that people are instructed by reason, but heavily inspired by passion.

See you next time!
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