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(Secrets Of Discovering Your Career And Or Talent, Working Towards It.)
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How can one discover his or her DESIRE (CAREER or TALENT) and be able to work towards it for success?
I write on career and talent innovation, a web programmer, writer and weight lifter.

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(LESSON 14):--- How To Fire-Up Your Passion, If You Lack The Energy You Desired

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Passion is the fuel that increases the fire which lights-up your energy for success. So, if you do not possess enough energy you desired to fire-up your passion; here are three processes I suggest you proceed with:

(a) Your life need to be prioritized according to your passion.
(b) There is need to protect your passion
(c) Pursue your passion with everything you gat

Then, let us treat them one after the other to enable us understand them properly.

1. Your Life Needs To Be Prioritize According To Your Passion:

There is need for you to begin thinking about making changes in your life if your priorities are not aligned with your passion.
But, the question now is; will this change be risky? Yes! Probably it will be.

Another important question is, would you rather live with the pain of risk or the pain of regret? The below statement made by a prominent advertising agent said it all:

“Safe living generally makes for regrets later on. We are all given talents and dreams. Sometimes the two do not match. But more often than not, we compromise both before ever finding out.

Later on, as successful as we might be, we find ourselves looking back longingly for that time when we should have chased our true dreams and our true talents for all they were worth.

Do not yourself be pressured into thinking that your dreams or your talent are not prudent. They were never meant to be prudent. They were meant to bring joy and fulfillment into your life.”

2. There Is Need To Protect Your Passion:-

Let us use the case scenario of building a fire here, if you ever build a fire which all of us do, you will notice that the natural tendency of fire is to go out.

And to keep a fire hot, there is need for you to feed it and protect it as well. So, not everyone will help you to keep that fire burning when it comes to your life. In fact, there are two kinds of people: --- the fire-lighters and the --- fire-fighters.

--- the fire-lighters will go a long way to help you keep that fire hot, while the fire-fighters eventually will throw cold water on the fire of passion that burns within you just to discourage you.

To differentiate the fire-fighters from the fire-lighters, you have to listen to what they say. Fire-fighters (discouragers) make such demoralizing statements like:

--- That is not practical
--- It cannot work because we have tried that before
--- That has never been done before
--- Nigerians do not listen to inspirational talks
--- It will never work, and so on and so forth.

3. Pursue Your Passion With Everything You Got:-

Having a dream and believing in it is a good thing but, you need a burning passion and total commitment to make that dream happen.

Having discovered your talent, your passion and commitment towards it is bigger than complex plan, because, your plan in your life is your dream.

Being conscious of your passion is what will energize your talent and empower you to make your mark. So, pursue what you are passionate about with everything you have got to truly make that your dream a reality.

See you next time!
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