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(LESSON 16):-- 8 Ways To Make FOCUS Your Friend

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To become successful in your career and or talent, you need to make focus your friend. So, below are eight ways to make focus your friend:

1. Try To Differentiate Between MOTION & DIRECTION:=>

“You have removed most of the road blocks to success when you know the difference between MOTION and DIRECTION.” By Bill Copeland.

Let us explain more vividly with this little story; a family packed-in a new neighborhood. The following morning, they were up to activity very late and the father decided to take their little daughter to her school even though he will be late at work.

They left and the young daughter began directing the father from one direction to another. They wasted twenty to thirty minutes of circuitous driving and finally arrived at the school which is a step behind their house.

The father after heating-up asked his daughter why she decided to direct their movement through this rigorous means while the destination is not far from their backyard.

The daughter responded; “we went the way the school bus goes, that is the only way I know.”
As you can see, if you want to maximize your talent and or career and become successful on it, you need to make every action count. You must determine where you want to go and how to get there. Try to differentiate between MOTION AND DIRECTION. Utmost direction is needed with little motion.

2. Challenge Your Excuses:=>

Naturally, we human beings have one reason or the other for not doing what we ought to do. We most times resort to challenges like; we lack time, we do not have enough resources, we do not have enough help, we have problems and so on and so forth.

But, should we let these things get us off track? No! So, you have to challenge your excuses as one of the ways to make focus a friend. Because, people who do not know what they are doing soon become frustrated.

3. Yesterday Should Not Hijack Your Attention:=>

Do not let yesterday take-up too much of today. People who focus on yesterday hardly get a better tomorrow. Too many people yearn for the past and get stocked in it instead of learning from the past and let go off it.

As a coach in football game, if you say you are putting a player in, you are focusing on what that new player is going to do now to try help you beat the other team, while when you say you are going to take a player out, you are probably focused on the mistakes he made --- the players he walked and the hit he allowed. This does not help you win the game.

4. Bestow Your Focus On The Present:=>

The same way you should keep your focus off yesterday, you should as well not have your focus on tomorrow. Thinking of tomorrow will not get anything done today.

Your focus should be channeled in one area where you have some control for today because, if you focus on today, you probably will get a better result tomorrow.

5. Learn To Stay Focused On Results:=>

A person, who focuses on the difficulty of the work at hand instead of its rewards or results, is likely to become discouraged. Dwelling on the difficulties of the work at hand too long will make you develop self-pity instead of self-discipline. And these will scatter your attention instead of having it focused.

Therefore, by focusing on results or rewards, you will find it easier to stay positive and encouraged. Another experience I had that will distract you from results is INTERACTION WITH DIFFICULT PEOPLE. Definitely, you will come in contact with a lot of people who will impact on your effort either negatively or positively.

Below are the lists of five types of people you are likely to encounter in life:

(a) Refreshers these people inspire your dream and energize your talent.
(b) Refiners sharpens your ideas and clarify your vision
(c) Reflectors  they mirror your energy, neither do they add or subtract from it.
(d) Reducers these people try to reduce your vision and effort to their comfort zone.
(e) Rejecters they deny your talent, hinder your efforts, impede your vision.

So, I urge you to remain focused on results, so you could stay grounded. And the praise of others will less likely go to your head; also the negative impact of the reducers and rejecters will be felt on minimal level.

6. Avoid Too Many Choices And Follow Your Priorities:=>

If you chase two rabbits, both will automatically escape. Unfortunately, many people resort to this old adage above nowadays. They hardly focus their attention and this result to ineffectiveness.

Well, the reason is that, people in our culture today have too many choices --- in fact, unlimited options. And to avoid this, you need to focus in order to develop your talent; you need to work on knowing what your true priorities are and then following them.

7. Focus On Your Strengths, Not Your Weaknesses:=>

Let us begin with a short story here, a couple bought a new property. Landed property to use as farm, they were preparing to pack into this place when argument started between the husband and the wife.

The wife wanted them to build the living house first while the husband wanted to build the barn for animals first. After a long argument, the husband went on to say; you see love! The barn will build the living house, buy the cars, train the children and provide everything you need.

The wife was only being afraid of not having a living house thereby dwelling on her weaknesses while the husband is on the side of building up his strength. So, go with your greatest assets; do not waste your time.

8. Seek For Work Before Rewards:=>

Pay now and play later. Too often people wants the rewards before the work, and that is the reason why they do not stay as focused as they could.

The solution to this is to MAKE EVERY ACTION COUNT --- become intentional in what you do. This kind of focus helps you live without regrets because, it directs and make the most out of your talent and opportunities.

As a person who has talent but has not seen any result, your problem is lack of focus. So, it takes talent plus focus to reach your potential and eventually become the person you intend to be in life.

See you next time!
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