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(LESSON 4):-- The Enemy You Must Conquer Before You Can Become a Person Of ACTION

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Know Thyself!
“An occasional misfortune
Is a good thing, It reminds
Us that no one has absolute
To become a person of action means to be a doer not a procrastinator. Moving ahead in life needed appropriate action with calculated steps. And before you can become this person of action, there is another enemy which you must conquer in life before achieving this fit.

But before we single this enemy out, you should remember that, worry and envy, and jealousy, and hatred, and doubt, and fear are all states of mind which are fatal to taking action.

Remember also that, any of these states of mind will go a long way to interfere and in some instances destroy even the digestive process through which the food is assimilated and prepared for distribution through the body.

Though this kind of interference is physical, yet the damage does not stop here, reason being that, these negative states of mind destroy the most essential factor in the achievement of success; and this factor is the “desire to achieve.”

Let us for the sake of avoiding wasting our time and specify this particular enemy you must conquer to enable you be able to take action, and it is: WORRY HABIT.

In our previous lessons, we learned about “definite chief aim” and this should be supported by burning desire for its realization. But this worry habit is a set-back here because; you can have no burning desire for the achievement when you find yourself in a negative state of mind no matter the cause and nature of that state of mind.

To keep you in a positive frame of mind, here is a very effective method which is discovered from research through reading, and I refer to it as “gloom-chaser.” This gloom-chaser is simple but not so easy to observe and this is “HEARTY LAUGH.”

Look at how to use this “HEARTY LAUGH” when you feel out of sorts and subjected to argue with somebody over something that is not worthy of discussion, in this circumstance, you should be aware that you need this gloom-chaser, just proceed to where you will not disturb any one and have a good “HEARTY LAUGH.”

Few minutes of this form of mental and physical practice will stimulate action that is free from negative tendencies. Please, do not take my word for granted --- try it!

There was a short story play in which a man and a woman was involved, and the man was trying to play a cornet (musical instrument played by blowing air inside it) while the woman took it upon herself to laugh foolishly at the man.

She laughed so effectively that she finally made the man start laughing, and the process was so pronounced that all who heard it usually joined in and all had a good laugh too, whether they felt like laughing or not.

NOTE THIS; as a man thinks in his heart, so is he.

So, you cannot be thinking fear and expecting yourself to act courageously. Also, you cannot think hatred and act kindly toward those with whom you associate.

Remember that, the strongest and most frequent of your thoughts influence the physical action of your body. When you worry about fear, do not forget that your mind telegraphs this thought down to the cells that form the muscles of your legs and signal those muscles to get into action and carry you away as rapidly as you may think.

To illustrate this further, a man who is afraid runs away because his legs carry him, and they carry him because the thought and worry about fear that is buried in his mind instructed them to do so, not minding the instructions being given unconsciously.

So, my good brethren, when you encounter any form of worry habit, remember the gloom-chaser which is the HEARTY LAUGH. Find a place to hide yourself from people to avoid disturbing them or disturbing yourself.

Laugh heartedly as possible as you could at the current situation that makes you fidget, even if you do not feel like doing it. This will help you get by and focus on your profiting career and or talent pursuit in life.
I wish you good HEARTY LAUGH brethren!

See you next time!
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