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(LESSON 5):-- FAILURE; a Temporary Defeat, Not a Downfall

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Know Thyself!
“Who never has suffered,
He has lived but half,
Who never failed, he never
Strove or sought, who never wept
Is stranger to a laugh, and he who
Never doubted never thought.”

We all are aware of how we regard and treat failure. At the back of our minds, we have in one way or the other regarded other people and also ourselves as failure.
The world bestowed it on her to easily term their fellow human as being a failure. We often find it easy to do this based on our inability to think properly and our quest to show-off before others especially when we think we are better than them.

Ordinarily, the term “FAILURE” is a negative term. In this career and or talent lesson, this word FAILURE will be given a new meaning, this is because the word has been a very much misused one; it has brought unwanted grief and downfall to millions of people.
Though the uninformed part of the world call reverses, setbacks, and temporary defeat FAILURE, neither temporary defeat nor adversity amounts to the so-called failure in the minds of individuals who sees it as a teacher that is bound to teach some needed lessons.

You should understand that, there is a great lasting lesson in all these temporary defeats, and this lesson cannot be learned in any other ways except through defeat.
But the most difficult part is that this defeat often talks to us in a dumb language which we find hard to understand. This is because, if we could understand the language of defeat, we would not make the same mistakes over and over again without profiting by the lesson it might teach us.

This is more elaborate here, if it were not true, we would observe so carefully the mistakes others make and go along to profit by them.
Perhaps, the purpose of this lesson is to help the students understand and profit from this dumb language of defeat. However, I will help you understand the meaning of defeat by taking you back to some of my own experiences covering a period of twelve years starting from 2006 – 2018.

These periods marked my turning points which the uninformed called FAILURE.
During these periods I thought I have made great failure; but now I know that what seemed like a failure was nothing more than a kind and unseen hand of nature that stopped me in one way or the other and with great wisdom, this hand of nature forced me to re-direct my efforts along more profitable ways through which my students benefits too in this course.

Well, my decision was made after years of analyses and I finally arrived at this after years of sober and meditation. My little turning point story goes:

My First Failure or Turning Point:
Till then, everything I used was given to me by parents as a student of chemical engineering at NAU (Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka); I was sailing through, but with contempt on what am good for because, the Nigerian University is not a place to get prepared for credibility. The system is ear-marked with heavy corruptions.

On 14th February 2006 (Valentine day), I met my reverse nature when I lost my back born (my immediate brother) in a pool of body water in my Village country side (he got drowned) and since then, I became a complete mad fellow for over two years.

That brother was the only thing I had on Earth which made me to drop out of the school at my final year, and went home with my Girlfriend then, who was pregnant for me. I being twenty and she was eighteen then. Off to my Village country side we went.

My Second Failure or Turning Point
Life became so hard in the country side of my Village, for I felt the wrought of reverse nature which led to so many secret sobering. I was in abject poverty to the extent that my little girl could not find the money to buy an ordinary toilet roll to keep her clean. But as nature has it, it was the time for me to make critical use of my initiative to get myself out of this abject situation.

I listened to radio and attended seminars of various degrees which most of them do not seem to yield positive results to be compared with my condition then. Worst still, my parents was the salt added to sour wounds because; they really contributed to my disturbances and worsen my condition with their lack of understanding.

My zeal was to leverage on technology which I did and started my first blog under Google blogger dashboard. I started selling information online too, which I made little money less than what I did spent making it happen.

My third failure or turning point:
Four years went down and situation seems not to be improving. I enrolled for my second University education and was admitted into the department of computer science. I was happy because, I really wanted to know computer, but to my dismay, the Nigerian University system is the same all over. I took the opportunity of attending extra practical tutorials with ICT companies such as Uranium Technologies Enugu.

On the eve of my second University schooling, my little girl left me (eloped), thinking she cannot withstand the situation anymore. She was not the accurate thinking type, she was materialistic in all her reasoning which is most likely with some women (not to belittle the women folks please, this is out of experience).

I felt like the world was on top of my head, yet, re-arranged myself and kept on moving. I learned web programming and set-up some sites here and there which Blogtostay was one of my profound company having more than thirty thousand visitors monthly, but met her doom when it was hacked and shut down. I tried my possible best but could not retrieve this name due to the corrupt nature of the country.

My fourth failure or turning point:
I was busy experimenting with various Niches till the eve of 2015 which led to me finding another company known as Afridgit. I intended to incorporate freelance jobbers and skills. For almost six months did not make a dime from Afridigit. I decided to change the company to ICT hub which saw the progress and a new breeze of success for me.

Out of service of “WORKING MORE THAN PAID FOR” we started organizing computer literacy for schools in rural communities, this we were doing without any sponsor. I and my team were sourcing money from information marketing online and forfeiting our house rents to make sure this aim was achieved.
As we could not be able to go alone, we sought sponsorship from Africacodeweek which was sabotaged by our state coordinator and nothing was given to us after we might have had our free ICT training covering over seventeen community schools with our own hard-earned resources.
We decided to quit our relationship with Africacodeweek on October 2018, and things changed.

Fifth failure or turning point:
As if by magic, all that seemed like failure was turning me to a new scheme of life in which my heart desire gently unfolded for me. But since all these while, I created not less than eleven companies (online) which failed or taught me a new way to begin, as I was listening to a radio presentation by one of the career and job company C.E.O by the name Francis Uka.
He is an inspirational public speaker I must have to confess. He opened my heart to what am good at which took me eleven good years to discover.

After his speech, I decide to create this career conscious web company called issoj. Which I know have helped alleviate many souls and helped them discover who they are today. as if it did not stop there, we met the special Adviser to the governor of Enugu state.
Explained our vision of taking computer literacy to the rural communities, which he reckoned with the idea and here we are manning the ICT Unit and also saving some lives that might have lost hopes.

My Brethren, to me, all these year of failure was not well understood because, I took success in terms of money and judged it according to how many earthly wealth one acquired. But thanks to Mother Nature who took it upon me to pass me through all these rigorous situations explained here and the ones I could not write here.

It has been a special teacher to me today because, “FAILURE” is now a temporary defeat that has with it wealthy experiences that will take you through the road to success.

See you next time!
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