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i-Study Club (... Helping People Discover Themselves And Grow!).

1. We consist of any desired number of people who are friendly and harmonious. The club have meeting at regular periods as often as once each week.

2. The procedure is to read one chapter of the book introduced at each meeting, after which the contents of the chapter should be freely discussed by all members through Question & Answer.

3. Each member should carefully read and analyze each chapter several days prior to its OPEN JOINT DISCUSSION (Question & Answer) in the club.

4. Each member should make notes (compulsory), putting down ALL IDEAS OF HIS/HER OWN inspired by the discussion.

5. Individual members must drop and answer question for people to find solutions to their problems.

By following this plan every reader will get from its page, not only the sum total of the best knowledge organized from the experiences of hundreds of successful men, but more important by far, “he or she will tap new sources of knowledge in his/her own mind as well as acquire knowledge of priceless value FROM EVERY OTHER PERSON PRESENT.

If we follow this plan persistently we will be almost certain to uncover and appropriate the secret formula by which we can use to acquire huge fortune as we desired.
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