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About Kingsley Anyi

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Like every other person in this part of the world, internet kick-start did not occur quickly compared to its early existence over there in the western world.

Definitely, some appreciable number of individuals started out early enough like; Linder Ikejis blog, Nairaland forum, which was founded 2005 and few other websites.

Should I say that my zeal for internet opportunities surpassed most of these websites though, they already started out, but what I mean is that, my zeal to discover a means to make money work for me instead of working for money was there. And the funny thing is that, deep inside my mind, I was certain that this could be much more available with the help of the internet.

My name is Kingsley Anyi, a blogger, internet marketer, web developer (CODING), weightlifter, and the FOUNDER: Afridigit. I developed Afridigit and owe a couple of blogs under Google blogger where I started for over half a decade now but no more blogging there.

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Having done all these before and found my story interesting you can continue to know full details about my journey with the internet for over half a decade now.

Before now, computers were not popular in this part of the world; anybody having a computer then is being looked-upon as among the rich. This was late 1999 towards the millennium. I mean, a computer was not to the reach of average and poor people in this part of the world then.

I love computers so much that I glamour for it though, I found it difficult to have access to one.

I finished my college (in this part of the world, it is called; secondary school) early 2000, wrote the JAMB (Joint matriculation examination board) two times, that was when if you did not get 250 as a minimum grade nothing for you.

While still in the secondary schools, we do discuss what we are going to study in the university. Many sounded funny including me because, to be sincere I was not sure of which course to study in the university, though a pure science student, I also do well in arts because, I love literature and do get higher grades in literature followed by English still, I try my best in the science courses which I love reading.

There was so much confusion concerning what should be my main carrier course even though my parents gave me opportunity to make choices by myself. But there was this juvenile delinquency tendency then that made every one of us get confused.
Some of us wanted to do a particular course because their friends said they will. I decided to try my hands in chemical engineering reason being that, my country then was fresh with the oil boom and oil companies are seen as the next target, even though the government mismanaged things then still, appreciable opportunities existed there.

I wrote the first JAMB to enroll at UNIVERSITY OF NIGERIA NSUKKA, I got 251 while cut-off mark for my proposed course which is CHEMICAL Eng. was 260, and I was screened out.
I waited for another year then enrolled for pre-science courses at NNAMDI AZIKIWE UNIVERSITY AWKA, ANAMBRA STATE where I scored 255 and was enrolled on chemical engr. That was the beginning of a campus life.

So, due to my love for computers, I get frustrated with chemical Eng. often. Because, everything was theory no practical, I was frustrated somehow still, I held tight to it. At my first year I begged my mother should help me get a used desk-top computer in an international trade fair held in Enugu state (COAL CITY). It was in front of Polo Park now called Shop-rite.

We went to a Japanese stand this was early 2002/3 already in my first year then at the age of 20 or there-about. We bought a Compaq desk top computer then at an affordable price and a UPS, I felt like Heaven was on earth when I get to my school. I started learning how to operate the computer (fundamentals) I trained myself in navigating many places within the computer, even when I manipulate some functions I still get it renovated by trial and error.

I continued like that until I was able to install software and type in word processors with it. But, one thing was boggling my mind. Guess what that was? I WANT TO KNOW HOW I COULD BE MAKING A LIVING WITH THIS DEVICE.

How to turn this device into money generating machine, then, the only internet popularity was centered on YAHOO fraudsters so, almost all coming young boys wanted to do YAHOO money. Early 2004 opened a new gate for me into the world of computers. I love reading a lot of books and listening to information, most beneficial to me is the sound of music, I love Hip hop to the extent that I tried my hands into music production and did well in that aspect which I will discuss latter.

That early morning of a Monday working day, I was gradually getting fed –up with my course due to the nature of academics in the West-African third world, No room for self-development, Though, I was doing well at school but, I do miss some classes in order to operate my computer and listen to radio stations for more information.
So, that early morning, A guest was talking on one of the best private radio station then in the south-east called; COSMO FM, the name of the guy is Delick, a web solutions guru from USA who owe a company online then called; Delick web solutions and also a bricks and mortar office. He was talking about FOREX trading then; I picked interest and listened to the finish.

That night, I could not sleep well; I wanted to go grab my own package of the web business because I truly wanted to make a living with computer. Could not wait for day to brake I jumped off my bed, organized myself and made my trip from Awka (Anambra state) to my state Enugu. Straight to top floor Independence lay-out Enugu where his office was located then.

Unfortunately I did not meet the humble Delick that day but, I met the assistant and explained my motive which she delivered to me a CD plate at the cost of N3, 000 for the information product. I came back to my school well excited and eager to learn what is contained in the package. Funny enough, I did not comprehend anything out of the CD so; I was infuriated and dumped the CD. That was the end of FOREX TRADING BUSINESS for me.

I continued with my basic life in computing, still putting ears on the ground in case any new information on how to make money with computer came on board.


2006 a year before my graduation from my department turned out the saddest moment in my life. On 14th February 2006 (Valentine Day), I was busy celebrating the Valentine Day with my girlfriend and a friend from mass communications department name; Israel Onoda while my cousin brother Maurice was at the Villa enjoying himself.

I was sketching a lady painted at the back of a coconut wine bottle bought for me by my friend Israel, I was doing this on my cousin-brother-wooden door with the intention that, if he eventually come back he will reward me for my fine sketch on his door, for I am good in drawing which is natural with me.

I just finished drawing the top-most part of the lady remaining the legs sub-merged inside water at the beach. As I was about to draw the sub-merged body my phone ranged, guess who it was, my cousin brother Maurice.

I asked him what the problem was whether he will be coming back to school as discussed. Behold, He told me that my brother is critically sick, but from the way he sounded I knew that my brother was dead. I tried to force him to tell me the truth because, my brother never fall sick sudden in this nature before. He opened up and told me that my brother got drawn in a pool of water at a Dam project in my Villa. I turned pale starting from that moment.

I stopped going to school within my final years and missed a lot, my girlfriend stood beside me then because I had no one to talk to. I left school at my final year, came back to COAL CITY with my girlfriend who is from Anambra state. We lived together life was not easy for us.

Two years crept after the loss of my brother stepping us into 2008, the eve of my full understanding of how computer can generate income and a little bit of how the internet works.


But before the 2008 that became my exposure to how computer and the internet really work, 2007 has not to be forgotten as the stepping stone to my true exposure during the 2008.
After the loss of my back-bone, I mean my immediate younger brother, I became more traumatized and thanks to the Almighty that I finally re-positioned myself again.

To be sincere, no one owes you except you. You will determine what will happen in your life yes! Your action terminates where the next one begins so, do not be slumber.
It became obvious to me that, I should be the one to reverse this agonizing moment in my life, even the relations and neighbors I was expecting their condolences was not even showing me that love so, why should I kill myself.

Thank Almighty; I instantly formed the habit of attending seminars everywhere in the country, which formed the bases of my hope. Gradually, I flourished again like before. I was overwhelmed with hope and aspirations immediately I learned there are gatherings you could pay for your problems to be solved.

At the middle of March 2007 there was a seminar held at CITI-Chef restaurant around G.R.A Enugu then, about recharge card printing business and other beneficial internet businesses.
I paid the sum of N7, 000 to attend the seminar after which I was disappointed likewise many of us.

An ugly scenario occurred that day, a Warri guy from the south-south part of the country, got upset after almost everybody was murmuring that, what we paid for was not what we got. But no one was able to speak out not until the Warri guy stood up, answered his phone for a while and started crying, shouting that they have just called him that his father is dead.
I thought it was a joke but the guy meant business. He disturbed until they refunded him his money and he left so, every one of us stood up and was about to cause rancor.

Later, it was deliberated upon that we were to be balanced N3, 500 out of N7, 000 we paid, we agreed and collected the balance and had our way out of the restaurant.

It is unfortunate that this country was starting up in that form where someone had you pay and not deliver what you paid for still, wanting to let you understand you have gotten enough that deserves your money. No! NOT GOOD LIKE THAT. NOT AT ALL.

After the CITI-CHEF incident, I left for home with much more frustration on my appearance not only on my face. Still, my quest to make a living out of web-life has not died.

As usual, that early morning of July I was listening to morning programs on the radio, there was this guys at MACRO-MEDIA COMPUTER SCHOOL at Ogui road coal city state, the co-coordinator was listing out their series of programs on the radio scaling out how someone could be able to benefit from it. The area that caught my interest was on HOME STUDIO MUSIC PRODUCTION.

Having had passion on music for quite a long time, I made a courageous move to the center and enrolled, we had some concerts thrown here and there were, musicians who raps or sings, even Djs and the secrets of the music who are the PRODUCERS joined mind together.

After 3months program, I was able to master what is involved in the art of sound production and lyrics with the aid of digital instruments. I think it was a happy moment for me then because, I was able to carry all the instruments in a little something like a lap-top computer.

I practiced and became perfect and made some money from tendering sounds for individual musicians and store jingles. But, I never opened a company for it, may be later in life. Ha-ha!

Anyway, I felt really happy and satisfied those times I was with my instruments digitally arranged for me for ease of play.

2008, I went back to Nnamdi Azikiwe University and rounded my academic affairs with them. But you know what? I was not yet satisfied because, the school and conditions subjected me to academic confusions. I was more confused even though I passed through the school but, to be sincere the school did not pass through me.
I really wanted to live the life of my own, I wanted to be my own boss, predict how my movement is going to be then, but the critical question there is; how can someone achieve this?


Still with my sound productions as the only internet business that gives me joy so far I get some tokens out of it, I can easily tell that I was not yet living the web-life I glamour for.

The worst mistake I made all these while was that, I thought all these I glamour for, could be achieved in the school system.
As things could be, I realized early enough and I started reading voraciously more than I do before. I learned the art of spending my money on motivational books and web-technical books. It helped a lot and I still stand top saying that self-development is the best.

On my reading episode I came across a book by one of the best authors of the world by the person of Napoleon Hill the author of THE LAW OF SUCCESS. Unfortunately, the following day as I was listening to a program about poor reading habits among youths and the older ones, one of the guest in the studio happened to use a statement made by the same author I was reading as a hyperbole (means to drive his statements home). The statement reads thus: “if you want to hide a treasure from a black man, hide it in a book because, he will never care to read it”

I wanted to drop the book I was reading with anger as a retaliation to what he said, but after thinking a while, I recalled and examined that he was write so, since then I made it a priority to read at least 1hour every day and that helped.

This period saw to my second enrollment into a federal university of agriculture to study computer science. I wanted to know really how the system works better; having in mind that this could be a place to do that encouraged me more. But, how I perceived it turned out sad because, the school system in this part of the world is ridden with corrupt practices to the detriments of the students.

I was surprised to come to the computer lab for our department, and all the computers that supposed to be operational were used as sits where the students was sitting down and a lecturer was busy teaching the same computer on the board, in a lab where everybody supposed to learn it practical.

So, since then I started leaving the school traveling to cities like Port-Hart court, Warri, Enugu and so forth to attend seminars and enroll for computer training. I missed lectures, still coupled up because; they were wasting my time over there. That was how I felt, sorry! I do not know about you.


November 2009 I came across an information package called; “ADSENSE BIBLE KIT” I examined the product and saw meaning into it. How you can start making daily money from the big company Google by owning your website and then placing ads on it so you could earn.

I do not really know what blogging is but, I was eager to learn and when I bought the package at the rate of N4, 300 I noticed that this is a platform to guarantee me practicing the art of writing which I am good at.

I was much excited because, I wanted to get knowledge of any platform that will guarantee me expressing my art of writing.

I set up my free blogger blog with the aid of the author in his book. I learned everything about blogging and started posting content. My curiosity could not allow me to wait. In fact, the fact is that, I never understood the concept of blogging then.

Months passed I did not make anything, I was disappointed and I dumped the blogs.

Not until 2010/11, my spinning wheel drove me again to the bloggers dashboard. One great idea saved my situation then. Look at what I did, I decided to create five blogs at a time which prompted the attention of one white man who made such comment to me as: “let me hear that Google is your brother” I ignored the comment because, my white companion does not know my intention then.

The man was posting things concerning ghost then on his platform.

What I did is not stupid or flashy, neither was it a sign of being overwhelmed by happiness because I learned how to set up free Google blogger then.

What I did is what you too may try it yourself if ever you want to express your carrier part through blogging but is confused about choosing your Niche (topic).

My idea is to identify the one that will work among the blogs. The one that will define my carrier part, the blogs are: [DbWatch]

Debo9ja centered on news and entertainment, which was what confused many bloggers and still discourage the up-coming once to go fully into blogging because, all they hear about is the Magazine Model of blogging.

No one ever told them about contemporary blogging which is what careerconduct & issoj are all about.

I made the same mistake too.

Though, Debo9ja is still running and it helped in accumulating my Google AdSense account daily, I was not satisfied because I do post news everyday which if I did not do I will lose some followers, I wanted an independent online carrier that withstands the decay or improvements of trends.

DbWatch and the rest was where I paid less interest because, I was still hanging-on the principle I was thought about blogging which is, MAGAZINE MODEL OF BLOGGING.

DbWatch is where I teach about time and its essence, time is money and time is of-essence. I got motivated to introduce this kind of blog out of chance made by real life experience.

To be sincere before now, I was more than a procrastinator in taking actions patterning activities that could help me in life. For almost years, I was living in procrastination.

Thanks to Almighty for making me new again in most fall-outs in life like this detrimental agent called procrastination. Well, one hot afternoon like this, you know how it used to be in Africa. Sometimes extremely hot, hotter than when you have emotional depression.

I sat by my computer ready to create another web life that I did not know could be the test of the day for me and a lot others.
I tried to deliberate on what the Niche should be centered on. I thought about many things even thought about you though I have never met you in life before. I know someone could be suffering from the same thing that engulfs me every day (PROCRASTINATION).

Fortunately for me I realized my salt-eating wound that enjoys hooking me down even when I knew I could perform an action better. I remembered my enemy procrastination. I quickly trashed him on the PC keyboard rolling out letters after letters and immediately came-up with [Dbwatch]. Though, DbWatch teaches us about time, it is a determinant on the fashion status of our ladies and gentlemen.

Today, DbWatch houses Affiliate links from some big online retails stores in Nigeria like; Konga, Kaymu and Ajebomarket though no more existing.

When I realized that I can only post once in this kind of blog and make enough audience I was satisfied that I have arrived, yes! Arrived to the free lifestyle online could provide. (WEB-LIFE)

Quickly I created a Facebook fan page called DbWatch and within two weeks it had 200 likes and up till now more likes are coming up every day.

I posted motivating content through this means and try selling my wrist watches with it too. While in the school, DbWatch sold watches of up N250, 000 within 3months that make-up a semester.

I stopped but will soon resume with exotic hand wears and lessons on how to maintain them and make judicious use of it.

2012/2013 (Industrial Training with Uranium Technology Enugu, MY LIFE CHANGED IN A FREQUENCY I COULD NOT IMAGINE)

R.S; May be you feel there is need for my update next time, kindly register with me for my notifications. {THE STORY CONTINUES NEXT TIME}

Thanks and remain blessed!
My Story

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